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Cydia for Android APK Download – Free Tools APP for Android

Cydia APK for Android is our first choice to freedom. Of course, no one wants restriction and boundaries in its hand devices like android smartphone, tabled or IOS device including iPhone, iPad, and others. Well, you are here at this blog means you need to know about Cydia APK for Android and Cydia APK for IOS and we will give complete information along with download and installation guide for the topic free Download Cydia APK 2018for android latest version for Android and iOS. Let’s start with the discussion what is Cydia android APKor commonly known as Cydia subtract APK.

Cydia APK is an app store same as the app store for Apple IOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Cydia itself is a third party application and used to support third-party apps to run on your personal mobile phone either it is android based in iOS-based manufactured by Apple. Let’s start with the process of how Cydia APK works on Android and how you can download Cydia for android.


Cydia for Android APK Download - Free Tools APP for Android


What is Cydia for android?

Cydia is an app store with the collections of millions of super android apps including popular games and famous utility application with their cracked and mod APK’s versions also known as their golden patches. Cydia for Android is becoming one on the most important application for the Android users of modern time This gives them liberty to install a third-party application with unlocked advance features to double their fun.

So simply summing up Cydia APK is additional app store used to download free apps which are not available on Play store or at iTunes which is official Apple store for IOS apps. This not only gives a new application but also provides the latest cracked and a modified version of existing apps.

What is Cydia substrate APK and how it is different from Cydia APK?

Cydia APK is commonly known as Cydia substrate APK. So, it is quite clear the there is no difference between Cydia APK and Cydia substrate. Both are the different name if a single story working to provide millions of third-party apps which are not available on google app store and Apple store.

Now when we are clean about Cydia for android it is amazingly surprising that mobile version of  Cydia or Cydia mobile substrate is called Cydia substrate. The Cydia APK was first set up for the IOS devices as Apple did not support to use a third-party application on iOS devices. For the purpose to use other application on iOS device Jay Freeman or Saurik built the Cydia substrate. Saurik is the official Apple applications developers’ hub. Initially, this only allows you to change wallpapers, themes icons and other basic customization which best suits your personality. This basic concept was then expanded to develop Cydia substrate APK to work on android version 2.3 and gradually Cydia APK improved time by time. Cydia APK is known as the Cydia Saurik also.

Download Cydia APK 2018 latest version for android

Through Cydia APK, one can access the free resources, blocked features of apps and can make an in-app purchase for free. So what are you waiting for? Go through the ink and add value in your like with free Cydia APK download for android.




The Cydia APK is really easy to install and download for all devices. In this blog, Cydia APK for Android and iOS devices are available just save them with a single click and I am sure you will not face any hassle for more.

This is the classic download method to download Cydia APK. This way works similarly as you download the app from the Play Store.

First root the device before downloading and installing the Cydia APK for android. It is wise to take backup of your data as there are chances of data loss while rooting the device.

Note: There is no need to root your device for downloading Cydia APK for android if you have purchased it recently. I mean if you have a new version of a device.

Download Cydia Substrate APK for free

This is another alternative access point to get the cydia.apk or cydiasubstrate.apk, you can download Cydia subtract from the following link and then follow the instruction to get locate you downloaded the .apk file



Once you have downloaded Cydia substrate APK for your android phone go to you download managers and look for the recently downloaded file. After clicking the single tap on the Cydia APK file it will auto get installed within few seconds. After that, you will experience that the Cydia APK file is running perfectly on your android rooted system in a smooth manner to maximum facilitate.

Requirement of Cydia APK to run on android

Cydia APK does not require some special tools to run either in Android or on iOS. This is a simple and easy to download application which provides unmatchable and unforgettable benefits to smartphone users who are game addicted like many of us. The only requirement to download and install Cydia APK on Android is that you should have android version 2.3 or greater. You need to root your device in terms of installing third party application Cydia APK or Cydia substrate APK. After rooting this will give you complete access to your favorite game making them compatible to run on your android device without any trouble.

Features of Cydia APK which makes it best for you

The super performance, easy navigation, and advance diversity and multiple desired functions are the key points that assist every user to keep in contact with the application same is the case with Cydia APK. Cydia APK and Cydia substrate APK give the feature that everyone wants to use third-party application n your handy smart device or Android phone. Some of the best Cydia APK features re-listed here below:

  • Cydia APK is a multi-diverse app that can be run on Android as well as the iOS platform. The dual diversity makes it adoptable by everyone. This also supports the company’s business model for targeting every user. Like Cydia APK for Android and iOS, there is only rare application whom you called multi-diverse applications.
  • Make sure to use third party application which you were not possible to use in presence of Play Store and Apple store previously. Cydia did not only facilitate to install them but also make them available to download your favorite application as this is the alternative app store for google play store and Apple store.
  • ARM and Intel CUP support is another great feature for Cydia APK.
  • After rooting the android device Cydia APK automatically enables safe mood and prevent any harmful modification to your device. This is the core function that helps to acquire any other software. Cydia android is considered as the top-ranked best third-party application collection store for Android and ios devices.
  • Some of the cracked versions of a various popular android application and mod APK of your favorite games are only available with Cydia APK for android. You cannot have them from somewhere else.

Cydia APK app information

Some of the best information which makes Cydia APK excellent for Android is listed here


NameCydia Apk
Latest version1.0
Last updatedApril 2018
Size2.3 MB


The Cydia APK for android also require two basic system permissions, both of them are listed below

  • Permission to open network sockets.
  • Permission to access information about networks.

Why we need Cydia App store for Android and Cydia APK is?

A question should be wondering in your mind which is, why we need to use Cydia app store on android or iOS? When there is an unknown resource option in android platform then why we use Cydia APK for android? Yes, we have a strong reason for us Cydia app store for android it not happening in the world without any reason.

The Cydia for Android is an easy way to personally customize the software and run cracked version and mod APK version of your required famous apps which are high in demand in the Android application market. Cydia APK is necessary to run third-party software application on your android gadget and to keep track of their perfect functionality.

Way to use Cydia APK on android

When it comes to using Cydia on your android mobile you just need to follow the Cydia app. The perfect easy navigation and friendly user interface give no difficult even for the newbies. The layman can also get in touch and can easily use all feature making an unlimited download of their favorite cracked 3rd party application.

The basic purpose of Cydia is to support and run those applications which do not function smoothly on your mobile. Along with the Cydia free download for android, there is also Cydia for iOS after the jailbreak to get install third-party apps on Apple devices. This proves that you are not limited to use Cydia on Android but can also use Cydia APK for iOS.

When it comes to custom installed software according to you. Than Cydia APK for Android and iOS comes to front the gives you the liberty of customization. Cydia APK Android is the only application that can customize the software without its source, so whatever the source is you can custom Software application and can use it on your device smoothly.

More about Cydia hack android APK 2018

With the Cydia APK, you can easily chop in-app purchase and download free apps without any limit. These all could be of any your favorite games or other. Keep yourself up-to-date with this best Cydia app for Android and iOS.

There are two different packages categories with the number of application and collection of classified APK’s from the market trends. Both packages are listed here and some of the application areas also mention below

ULTRA-Packages with Cydia APK

Worlds At Arms Hack- Gun Club 2 Hack- Dragon City Hack- Head Soccer Hack- Real Racing Hack- Slam Dunk Basketball 2 Hack- Jetpack Joyride Hack- Hungry Shark Evolution Hack- Dead Effect Hack

HERO-Packages with Cydia APK

Clash Of Clans Hack- The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack- Hay Day Hack- Modern Combat 4 Hack- Asphalt 8 Hack- Candy Crush Saga Hack- Sims Free Play Hack- Top Eleven Hack- Megapolis Hack- Farm Heroes Hack- Pet Rescue Hack- RoboCop Hack- Castle Clash Hack- Despicable Me Hack- The Tribez Hack- Deer Hunter 2014 Hack


Cydia APK is one of the best application stores I have ever heard about. This can not only give you a huge collection of apps but gives you permission to use them on your android device and permission to customize them.

Cydia APK is the great android application which fetches the APK for Android which is not available in app store. Cydia substrate APK has facilitated the software’s which are not possible with it. So go and get Cydia for Android APK download and enjoy the unlimited freedom on your smartphone.

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